Vintage Danish Kastrup Per Lutken Sommerso Controlled Bubble Duckling Vase

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This lovely vase was designed by Per Lutken in the 1950's for Holmegaard / Kastrup Glassworks, Denmark.  It belongs to a series by Per Lutken that was produced at Kastrup. The duckling range of vases was produced in various sizes and colours.

This particular vase with both controlled bubbles and the Sommerso effect with pale blue glass is not often seen.  There is the original silver Kastrup sticker still in place which predates the merger with Holmegaard in 1965 and also the original retailers sticker for Bukka and Nissen. Bukka and Nissen were a German wholesaler of glass wares and ceramics with an arm of the company in Copenhagen. The company closed in 1965.

The fine controlled bubbles spiral up to the top and these bubbles have been applied between the blue and clear glass. The bubbles appear to sit on top of the blue. The top has the unique duckling edge designed by Per Lutken.

This is a rare piece.

There are two very small nicks and a small scratch to the underside of the base as photographed. There are no other faults. There is no etching or staining from hard water. It is a beautiful piece.

The vase stands 170mm tall.