Vintage Danish Mid Century Holmegaard Per Lutken Safir Art Glass Vase 1

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Per Lutken designed this beautiful deep blue thick art glass vase for Holmegaard in the 1955. It is signed to the underside Holmegaard PL 18159. The series was never put into production so was a limited edition for the year of 1955. The beautiful colour is called Safir Farvet which translates as Sapphire Colour and is very pretty. The pieces were all hand blown and each vase is different with a unique organic shape. They were never mass produced so pieces are rare.  The series can also be found at Hardernet under Glass Museum, sub heading Art Glass, sub heading, Per Lutkin no name. Please see below.


This particular piece has a pleasing shape. Its colour is really lovely, being deep cobalt blue to the solid base, and a paler shade as the glass thins to the centre. The rim has a rolled fire polished edge and the underside of the base has a polished pontil.

There is no damage to the piece. There are light scratches and scuffs to the underside from use. There is the occasional small air bubble inclusion.

The vase stands 130mm tall and is around 100mm in diameter and x 50mm across the top rim.