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Us doing what we do!

This video is a time lapse of an hour and a half of us doing what we do!There is definitely more to it at emprades vintage + design than standing behind a counter waiting for customers! Here we are cleaning up a beautiful Art Deco China Cabinet so it presents nicely and the wood is [...]

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Australian Lega Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewellery Patterns

Lega was an Australian Company that manufactured marcasite jewellery from the 1940's. In the early days although their pieces were always marked Lega they were not always marked for sterling nor did they have a pattern number. These early brooches often had a simple C type catch. The later brooches had roll over locking clasps [...]

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Cleaning your silver

Did you  know that silver loves to be used? We often get asked how we keep our silver ware so bright and shiny. The best way to keep this way is to use it frequently, silver just loves to be used.Of course all silver needs polishing at some stage...I remember the hours spent polishing as [...]

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ID Your Rodd Cutlery Patterns

We are often being asked to identify Rodd Cutlery. To help identify patterns we will name what patterns we can with photos. This will be an ongoing project with more patterns added as time goes on.  The photos will appear above the name. If you have a pattern that is not listed we would be [...]

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Glass - some clear tips for collecting vintage and antique glassware.

Here at Emprades you may have noticed that we have a bit of a thing for antique and vintage glass and crystal. The famous Danish glass designer Per Lutken stated that 'Glass is Life'. Now, that may be a little extreme even for us... but glass is certainly an incredible and unique medium that offers [...]

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Bjorn Wiinblad designs.

 We have sold several pieces by this famous Danish designer who was born in 1918 and died recently in 2006. His whimsical designs have great appeal to many. He was an artist who worked in many mediums; sculpture, textiles, graphics, pottery and metal.  One of our most  imposing pieces, recently sold,  was a large hand [...]

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