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What's in Store (September 2020)

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Spring has arrived!

We hope this update finds you all well and safe!

We are thrilled to see the garden blooming, the days getting longer and people getting out and about to enjoy the fresh country air.

This month, two of our Emprades family members have celebrated Birthdays! Anika and Des are both September babies, with less than a week between their Birthdays.

Watching Anika grow makes us realise just how fast time goes by! When we opened this business she was just 14 months old. She has not known a life without emprades vintage + design, and who knows, maybe one day she and her brother Heath will lend a helping hand around the shop. They sure enjoy looking around the shop and hearing the stories about the items from Nanna Pru. They also love popping in to say hi on the weekends and school holidays.

On another tangent, have you seen our social media sites? We are on Facebook and Instagram and post regular updates on the town, shop, new items and general goings on at emprades vintage + design. Earlier this month we had an Echidna out the front of the shop on the road, and we filmed the rescue and release of the little fellow!

We also have a weekly feature on our Facebook page called 'Emprades at Home'. This is where we share pictures of items bought from our store in our customers homes. If any of you would like to contribute photos of your items in their place or being used we would love to see them! You will see we have collaborated another 'What's in Store' for this month, with a showcase of our items available in store and online.

To view the items click on the picture to take you to our home page on our website where they are featured or view them here.

Take care, and we hope to see you or hear from you soon!

Kind regards,

Emily, Pru, Adam and Des

(The Emprades team)

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