Vintage Mid Century Modern Danish Soholm Einar Johansen Blue Series Vase 3327

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This piece was designed by Einar Johansen for Soholm pottery on the isle of Bornholm Denmark.

The vase is part of the Blue Series, one of the most popular ranges produced by Soholm in the 1960's.

It is marked in script Soholm Denmark Stentog and is also signed with the EJ mark for Einar Johansen and the vase pattern number of 3327. It is a reasonable size and makes a statement.

The stoneware series featured a beautiful range of blues from sky blue to cobalt blue all in the same glaze over a dark brown base. Often parts of the piece would have an oxidized finish as this piece has on the neck.  

The vase is in excellent condition and has no faults. It is a factory first.

The piece stands 180mm tall x 200mm across the belly.