Single Vintage Waterford Crystal Tramore Maeve Double Old Fashioned Whisky glasses

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This beautiful glass was produced by Waterford Crystal and bear the first Waterford Crystal mark dating to the early 1960's. The design is Maeve or Tramore, both patterns are identical in a straight sided glass. The difference between the patterns is in the stem ware. Tramore has a moulded knob in the stem Maeve has a cut stem.   The bowl has vertical decorative deep cuts and criss cross cuts to the base of the bowl. 

It is acid etched to the side of the base with the first Waterford signature.

There are no chips or clouding to the crystal. There are some extremely fine small scratches seen on very close inspection but not seen in general viewing.

The glass is 90 mm tall and measures 80mm  across the rim. It was designed as an old fashioned double whisky glass.

The glass is heavy and has the brilliance, sparkle and clarity one would expect from the highest quality crystal.