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What's in Store (July)


We say Hi to July!

We hope this blog update finds you well, and let's all take a collective sigh that this eventful and rather challenging year has reached its halfway point! The depths of Winter leave us looking forward to the literal and figurative 'light at the end of the tunnel'! We are very much looking forward to the upcoming Spring - with longer days spent outside in the great outdoors enjoying the sunshine.

If the Winters are frosty and chilly in your part of the world like they have been here, you might be interested in checking out our newest shipment of 'Klippan' blankets. An import from Sweden, they are beautifully made from Lambswool and include a range that features finely woven Scandinavian folk designs. We also have a very cute range of baby blankets that are made from 'eco' lambswool, a wool from the first sheer of lambs that have been raised in pesticide free pastures and have not been exposed to antibiotics or chemicals. All of the blankets we have are listed on our website... hurry for the best range as we only have one of each design available and they are selling quickly!

Find our 'What's In Store' for July below and click on the picture below to take you to our latest listings on our website, where you can access the items for sale.

All the best,

Emily, Pru, Adam and Des


Emprades What's In Store July 2020

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