Antique Danish Bing & Grondahl Blue Traditional Inkwell and underplate

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This beautiful set was made by Danish porcelain manufacturer Bing and Grondahl before 1894. The mark to the back which is a faint B.G. was only used between 1854-1894.

The set comprises two inkwells, two lids and an underplate in the design called Blue Traditional. 

The underplate has two recesses for the inkwells and has no damage.

The inkwells are stained to the tops as shown and each has a small ship to the underside of the base, also shown. There are no cracks or obvious chips. There are 2 faint grey lines through the ceramic but these are not cracks.

The lids to each pot are both chipped as shown. One lid has dark frit in the glaze as can be seen. The underside of one is stained red from red ink.

This is a rare piece.

The inkwells are 70mm x 70mm x 55mm tall.

The tray is 230mm x 170mm x 35mm tall.