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What's In Store (April 2020)

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Sorry for the delay in uploading last month's edition of 'What's In Store'.

Those of you that have subscribed to our email list would have received it before the end of April.

Our lives have all been thrown into chaos by the change and upheaval caused by Covid19. We certainly have not been uneffected... 

Pru has continued to attend to the physical store, with a change to the way we do business. The shop is opened upon the arrival of customers who call via phone when they arrive. She then allows the customers access to the shop following all of the guidelines surrounding sanitisation and social distancing. Although sales have reduced, we have had good support from our locals. We are also grateful for the trickle of sales that have continued online from our interstate and overseas customers. 

Emily has been out of the shop, home schooling her children for the last month or so. School has now returned to normal attendance levels and the kids are back to their routine which means as of this week Emily will once again be back on board. 

In this time of change and uncertainty many people have been subjected to higher levels of stress and anxiety, or may feel a little down due to the lack of social outlets. We have been musing and reflecting on what we can do to bring a little calm and serenity into our lives and homes. Things that may help us feel grateful in that moment for the sense of calm, joy or comfort we may feel. 

So.. here we are... three small ideas to try this month to bring the 'emprades' serenity into your life. 

1.   Find that favourite vase. 

Dig it out of the cupboard or dust it off the shelf. Pick some flowers from your garden and use it as it was intended! If you don't have flowers in the garden perhaps support a local florist or grower and buy some blooms. If your budget doesn't allow this then consider sticks or even grass heads... be creative and think outside the square!

2Get the candles out. 

When the sun sets and the cool creeps in get out the tealight candle holders and use them! You will be amazed at how much more cozy the house feels with the flicker of candle light. Snuggle up on the sofa and read by lamp light or watch your favourite TV show and relax. We have a wonderful array of vintage tealight holders here in store, Kosta, Kosta Boda, Orrefors, Marimekko and more! We also stock a good selection of locally made soy wax tealights with beautiful natural scents.

3. Brew some tea. 

Do you have a teapot? If you don't already make a habit of it, then use it! Brewing leaf tea in the pot is a wonderful ritual and great for those mornings or afternoons when you may have a little more time to really get the most out of it. There is a wonderful array of leaf tea out there to choose from, even a good range from many supermarkets! Sit and enjoy a cup (or more!) and relish the depth of the flavour. If you desire a new teapot or don't have one we offer a range of sizes and styles ranging from porcelain and stoneware to the iconic Australian "Robur Perfect" silverplated pot. 

View the items below in our newest listings on our website by clicking here.


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