Vintage Holmegaard Danish Island Fano Decanter Michael Bang

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This vintage decanter was designed by Michael Bang for Holmegaard Glassworks in the 1983 and is part of the Danish Island range of Schnapps Decanters. There were 7 in the range and this is the smallest called Fano. This is a rare piece as decanters from this range are not often seen.

This piece has a twist neck and wide bulbous body.  It is hand blown and hand made and as such no two of these decanters are quite the same. When filled with spirits the piece fills the narrow twisted sides leaving clear glass spaces between the liquid and the body of the decanter. The crystal is the delightful ice blue that Holmegaard create.

There is no damage to the piece. There is no etching or clouding to the crystal. There is some slight residue to the inside base appearing as a a faint white puddle to the very base. The bottom of the base is engraved with 2 for a seconds. We are unsure of the reason for this as we can find nothing wrong with the piece. The only thing that may cause this marking is the tiny dimple to the underside of the base.

The stopper and inside neck are ground to ensure a good fit. 

The decanter measures 175mm tall including the stopper and is around 115mm across the widest part.