Vintage Danish Farstrup Solid Beech Wood Frame arm / lounge chair

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This chair is a beautiful quality piece featuring excellent workmanship and quality materials.

The chair was made by Danish furniture manufacturer 'Farstrup Mobler' in 2001.

It has its original upholstery in very good condition. The foam is firm and the fabric is in good condition with no holes or wear. There is a small amount of fading to the indigo blue colour, but the colour is uniform. The only way you can see that is it faded is by removing the cushions and the back cushion is darker where the slats run across the back and have protected the cushion from sunlight. The fabric has a two tone weave, indigo with a violet thread through it. There is a geometric pattern woven into the fabric. 

The chair is very well designed. It is comfortable to sit in, and the cushions are secured to the back. The buttons that are on the back cushion are on both sides, and the back buttons go into slots in the solid wooden frame, preventing it from moving.

The chair has a few small scuffs and dents to the wood, most noticeable to the top of the frame as photographed. The joints are solid and secure, and there is no significant scratching or denting.

The original makers tag is stapled to the frame as shown.

The chair measures 83cm high, 64cm wide and 70cm deep.

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