Vintage 1950's Venetian Art Glass bead necklace with Lemons Tutti Frutti

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This is a fun and bright piece of vintage jewellery.

Crafted from glass beads the main body of the piece is made from translucent green glass beads.

The stunning detail though, are  the decorative elements to the piece. There are groupings of little glass lemons with pairs of green glass leaves. All elements are threaded or fused to wire, with lemons and laves each being fused to thin copper wire. This is then coiled around the glass bead necklace. The method is somewhat crude, but it is authentic and how these pieces were made. This style of decorative fruit jewellery was popular around the 1950's, and was known as 'Tutti Frutti'. They were hand crafted in Italy, commonly known as Venetian Glass.

There are no broken leaves, beads or fruit. The upper clusters on the necklace have only two lemons, whilst the central ones have three.

The strand measures 430mm long and is designed to sit high at the base of the neck.

The necklace closes with a screw together fixing, and fastens securely.