January 2022 Covid-19 Update

We are all coming to terms with a different way of life, one we never could have anticipated at the start of 2020. The Covid -19 crisis has changed all our lives.

Things have changed once again since the end of 2021 and we bend to the circumstance and change it up. Seeing we are yet to access our booster shots and the children are waiting for their first doses, we have chosen to minimise our risk and reduce our 'foot traffic'. As usual we trade online 24/7 and we will be working extra hard to gets lots of lovely new stock on our website over the coming weeks. The shop will still be open, but only by appointment. Having said that, we will be around the place and as Pru and Des live close by there will nearly always be someone around to let you in for a browse ( inside opening hours). So if you arrive and phone the number on the door ...someone will arrive in a jiffy to let you in.  Masks are mandatory and of course we ask that you stay away if you are unwell. We also have a government requirement of one person per 4 square metres.

If you would like contact-less pick up of any item we can easily arrange this too.

Any purchases will be packed in a Covid safe manner where we sanitise our hands and any tools (packing dispensers etc) before packing and at any time during packing when necessary.
To all our customers thank you and keep safe and keep well.