Art Deco Czech/ Austrian Uranium Art Glass Bead Necklace

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This piece of vintage jewellery is exceptionally beautiful.

Crafted from glass beads the main body of the piece is made from cut faceted glass beads with pale yellow centres with pink swirled ribbons around them. The beads are on rolled gold wires and the necklace secures with a hook to the back.

It would have been crafted in Czechoslovakia or Austria in the first half of the 20th Century, c.1930.

The necklace is quite lovely when viewed in normal light but when viewed under UV light it is spectacular. The glass was coloured with uranium and therefore it glows vividly under UV light.

The strand measures 445mm long. The largest 3 central beads are 20mm long and the smallest at the back is 10mm

The rolled gold shows no wear. There is some fine dark inclusions to the glass and it is possible to see where the beads were first moulded then facet cut. There are a few tiny chips to the tips of some cuts seen under a magnifying glass.