Antique Silver and Diamond Paste Horseshoe GoodLuck Brooch

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This beautiful brooch is solid silver and although once gilded presents as silver as most of the gilding has worn away. The inside curve of the brooch is still gilded.  The piece is in a horseshoe shape and set with graduated sparkling past stones to simulate diamonds.

The stone are very bright and full of colour. Each stone is claw set in an ornate elevated setting with balled detail. The stones are mirror backed. The pin is long and extends beyond the edge of the brooch although not too much indicating a make of around 1880-1890.

The clasp is a curled C type and the hinge an antique barrel type.

There are no marks on this brooch to indicate who made it.

There is some fine chipping to the top edges of two stones seen under a magnifying glass.

The brooch is 28mm x 35mm.