Antique Hanau Silver Punch Ladle Raisin Monkey Spoon

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This is a lovely piece is fully hallmarked with German Hanau marks.

The ladle or spoon is pierced and was designed to hang over the edge of the punch bowl and be used for straining fruit from the drink to add to the individual cup or glass. The ornate bowl has a pierced decoration and the handle has a horse and rider motif to the curve of the hook. The marks are those of Neresheimer & Sohne from 1893 later Neresheimer & Co from 1903.

The pieces were often called Monkey spoons as there was a monkey to the handle that hooked over the bowl. They were also known as Raisin spoons as this was the fruit often added to the punch.

The spoon is 110mm long and the bowl is 63mm x 50mm. The spoon weighs 25.45gms.