Antique Framed Botanical Print Chromolithograph Acacia Decurrens Wattle

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This Antique Botanical Print is from 'The Forest Flora of South Australia' by John Ednie Brown, 1882.

The large colour lithograph is a genuine antique and has been framed.

It is in good condition with a few flaws to note. There is a small circular mark to the paper which would have been made prior to framing, and a small tear to the paper that is photographed also.

The subject of the print is Acacia Decurrens otherwise known as Black Wattle or Sydney Green Wattle (although it is found in several states in Australia). 

The piece is in a vintage wooden frame, tastefully double mounted.

The framed piece measures 69cm x 54xm and the exposed part of the print measures 45cm x 32cm.

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