6 Vintage Holmegaard No 5 Drinking Wine Glasses Per Lutken 1970

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This beautiful set of 6 is from the No 5 series designed by Per Lutken in 1970 for Holmegaard Denmark. These are a mid range glass and simply called a drinking glass in the fashion of a European Wine glass.

The glass maker for this series was Emanuel Andersen. Made over a period of years this particular set came from 1982. This is verified by the simple marking to the underside of HGX. X always referred to 2 as engraving a number 2 indicated a seconds.

The crystal in these glasses is bright and clear. There is no damage to any of the pieces and no scratches or scuff marks. There is no clouding from dishwasher use.

The glasses stand around 112mm tall and around 62mm across the rim.  Measurements can vary from piece to piece as these are mouth blown pieces and as such there are slight variations.

Please note these are not recommended for dishwasher use.