6 Antique Danish 11 Loth Solid Silver teaspoons with ornate Nordic Face design

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This beautiful pattern has a very interesting design to the finial. The finial motif is a crowned and bearded face in the traditional Nordic manner. The handles are ornately decorated and the bowls are egg shaped and are softly gilded to present as pale gold.

To the back of each is the mark 11 in a shield and H.C.D. We have not been able to identify the maker but the use of Loth marking indicates a 19th century set.

The Loth assay was used in Denmark, Germany and Finland. 11 Loth is a purity of 687 parts per 1000 parts. Other Loth assays were also used too, being 10, 12 and 13 to 13 3/4 Loth.

All spoons looked in fine condition to us until I placed the spoons down to photograph them and one would not sit at the same angle as the others. On closer inspection I noticed that the face finial turned down at the end instead of up.

The definition to the neck of the spoon is also blurred indicating it has been repaired. In repairing the spoon the silversmith has inadvertently or deliberately placed the handle the incorrect way around.

Some silversmiths ( and for that matter ceramists) liked to make sure that as clever as their repairs are, they can be seen so as not to fool future owners. It would be so good to know the story behind this one!

The spoons are 112mm long.

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