3 Large Vintage Holmegaard Titania Ice Blue Candlesticks Michael Bang

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This beautiful set of 3 Titania candlesticks is in lovely condition. The design was created in 1976 by Michael Bang and includes 3 different sizes. This set are all in the largest size of 17 cm.

The design is a rare one and not often seen. It was in the Holmegaard catalogues until 1986. This set would date to the 1980's as none are signed. One still retains a very faded sticker from which we can read 82 for the year 1982.

All are in the distinctive ice blue colour Holmegaard are famous for. Solid clear crystal with a hint of blue.

Tao of the candle sticks have light scuffing to the underside of the bases simply from being in use.

There is no damage to any of the pieces.

As mentioned the candlesticks measure 170mm tall.